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Meeting: Cross-Platform Development: Let’s get real


Cory Smith


Cross-platform development, what does it really mean? HTML5, GCC, Java, PhoneGap, Mono, .NET, etc. are just a few technology stacks available, which to choose? Does choosing HTML5 (for example) solve the problem? Regardless of the choice, does that choice provide a solution for the developer, the end-user, or both? What about GCC (C++), that’s cross-platform, isn’t it? Java, according to Sun/Oracle, it’s running on more devices than any other platform. Devices? PCs, game consoles, phones, tablets, media players, TVs, DVRs, etc. Platforms? Windows (Win32), WindowsRT (Store), Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8, Windows Embedded, Android Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich/Etc., iOS (iPhone/iPad), Linux (openSUSE/Ubuntu/Slackware/Etc.), Web-browser (HTML5/CSS3). What about Cloud Computing? What have others said regarding the choices they’ve made? Do you really want to be like Facebook in regretting the decision they made which was the “biggest mistake as a company”? We’ll discuss the options available, weighing the pros and cons of each. Finally, I’ll share with you my own efforts to create a product that runs across as many devices / platforms as I can possibly accomplish; providing you with real-world first-hand experience of what works and what doesn’t.


Cory Smith maintains a .NET related blog at AddressOf.com and is very active in the .NET community. His community involvement includes: President of the Fort Worth .NET Users Group and Dallas/Fort Worth DNUX group, Microsoft VB Insider member, Microsoft MVP alumni, member of the South Central District Developer Guidance Council and a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau alumni. A veteran developer (professionally writing software for over 20 years) working on projects ranging anywhere from major e-commerce sites such as RadioShack.com and InterstateBatteries.com to applications that are at the heart and soul of over 4600 radio stations around the world. His work history includes working for Tandy/RadioShack, Rare Medium, Inc., Electric Works Corp., Scott Studios Corp. and Shiny Stone Digital. In his spare time, Cory is also owns and operates a combative martial arts academy, coaches a MMA fight team, is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and attempts to watch every action movie ever released.

Recorded At:

Ft. Worth .NET UG

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