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Graphical data modeling using enterprise modeling tools


Ryan Casey


A theoretical discussion on the topic of graphical data modeling using enterprise modeling tools.
Two part series: Data Modeling for the Modern Data Warehouse & Loading SQL Structures Using SSIS and Data Models. Discuss why we model data, the different modeling type, and different modeling techniques. Explore why and when to use different modeling techniques. Explain dimensional modeling when developing data warehouses, SSAS Cubes, and Power BI Analytics. Sample model diagrams will be used to explain these different modeling techniques and try to bring a more tangible aspect to the theoretical aspects of the discussion. Why Model Data: The Value of Enterprise Data & Business Benefits of Data Modeling. Different Model Types: Conceptual / Logical / Physical & Dimensional. Different Modeling Techniques: Star & Snow Flake Schema, Slowly Changing Dimensions & Many to Many Relationships


Managing BI Architect, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, Friend of Redgate, LinkedIn Group Moderator, and a SQL Saturday Speaker. 15+ Fortune 500 Corporations Implementing Data Centers and Warehouses, 14+ years SQL Server and Oracle (T-SQL, PL-SQL), (Excel, Flat Files, XML), 12+ years Visual Studio (SSDT Business Intelligence, DevOps, MVC, C#, VB), 11+ years Excel, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS using Agile Methodology & 6+ years Leading Large BI Teams (multi-country off-shore locations) AIM Report Writing combines the collaborative and creative arts included in Technical Communication, the business acumen of a Harvard MBA program, and the technical discipline of object oriented programming and business intelligence (data warehouses). Ryan P. Casey, MBA http://www.aimYourData.com

Recorded At:

Austin SQL Server User Group

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