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Eric Lawrence


Fiddler is the world’s most popular web debugging tool, used by developers, testers, and other web technologists worldwide.

In this talk, I’ll show how to fully exploit Fiddler to debug traffic from client applications, devices, and web services. We’ll cover the latest enhancements to Fiddler to enable debugging on Windows 8’s new application platform, and how to debug mobile applications running on non-Windows platforms. We’ll look at Fiddler’s new support for HTML5 WebSockets, and explore how Fiddler can be combined with other tools and technologies to enable comprehensive testing of sites and applications. We’ll go beyond passive traffic monitoring to show how Fiddler can be used to modify and even generate web traffic to simulate clients or servers not yet built. We’ll cover existing extensions that greatly expand Fiddler’s power, and I’ll show how developers can easily extend Fiddler to meet their own specific needs. Finally, I’ll show off FiddlerCore, a .NET class library which provides developers with a self-contained version of Fiddler’s proxy engine that they may integrate into their own applications. FiddlerCore provides all of the protocol-level functionality of Fiddler with none of the user-interface.


Hi, I’m Eric Lawrence. I’m a developer, author, and MVP passionate about building tools to help developers and testers build better web applications. I built the Fiddler Web Debugger and spent a dozen years at Microsoft working on the Office Online and Internet Explorer engineering teams before moving to Austin in 2012 to work on Fiddler full-time at Telerik. You can find me on Twitter (@ericlaw) and check out my blogs at http://fiddler2.com/blog and http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ieinternals/

Recorded At:

Austin .NET UG

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