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Enabling Agility through DevOps


Leland Newsom


Enterprises want to deliver more value with higher quality at a faster pace. Many development teams have adopted Agile frameworks to improve their ability to deliver software. This has led to a local optimization for the development teams and they have become good at delivering potentially shippable increments of their products, but from there, they typically see organizational constraints in moving it to the customer. The development organization is quickly adding features to the queue waiting to be released, but the operations teams are struggling to put out fires in production, maintain stability, and provide the environments and infrastructure needed so development teams can move their new functionality forward. The operation team’s focus on stability usually minimizes the number of changes in production thus creating infrequent, large batches being deployed at a planned date. Forrester has called this model of working “Water-Scrum-Fall”, where development teams are using Scrum to deliver the next set of features, but integration, testing, and Operations are still doing big batch waterfall practices before releasing. Can Agile and DevOps bring the development and operations teams together to remove the organizational constraints in moving the software to the customer? In this session, we’ll talk about the relationship between Agile and DevOps, not as an intersection, but as a progression of capability with development and operation teams working together to remove those constraints. We’ll discuss how using Agile and DevOps practices, teams can release value faster, with higher quality, and in more stable environments.


Leland Newsom is a seasoned Lean-Agile transformation practitioner and coach supporting and guiding organizations and teams in their Agile journey. Before becoming an Agile Coach, Leland came up the ranks in software organizations through roles of software developer, manager, managing director, and technical director. His passion is improving the lives of software delivery professionals using Lean-Agile methods so they can continuously improve how they deliver value to their customers. Leland is employed as an Agile Coach by CapTech Ventures, Inc. where he coaches and leads teams and organizations in their Agile transformation journey. He has CSM, CSP, and SPC4 certifications.

Recorded At:

Keep Austin Agile 2018

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