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Empowering Developers at all Levels


Jason Craft


Software development is the art of transforming ideas into working solutions. It’s a simple concept that grows into a complex process when a software company begins to expand its development team. If you’re not careful along the way, you’ll begin to lose productivity along with your competitive edge. This presentation will detail a powerful tool that can help with the transformation process: The Dev Procedure. This tool has enabled us at APS Payroll to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers with minimal developer resources. During this presentation, you will learn how describing a solution before any coding begins will empower your development teams to write high-quality code and develop their skills at the same time. Experienced devs are able to express their ideas and propose solutions that might not otherwise come up. Junior devs are able to touch any part of the codebase since they have a guide for the solution they are implementing. Plus, junior devs can see into how the experienced devs think about certain problems, and can learn more about how to build great software. This talk will provide insight into our pipeline model of software development and how Dev Procedures enable our small team to compete against Fortune 500 companies. By adopting this into your own workflow, you can super-charge it just as we have. Arm your development team with the right tools. The Dev Procedure is an invaluable tool that will take your development workflow to the next level.


Recorded At:

2018 Dallas Dev Fest Weekend

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