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Contracting for Techies 101: 10 Tips For Making It On Your Own


Alese Stroud


Many programmers daydream about leaving their day job to strike out on their own. Going independent can be exceptionally rewarding. It does take a bit of planning and research to do effectively. Alese Stroud, of The Stroud Group, will present 10 Tips for surviving as an independent technical consultant. She has led The Stroud Group for 18+ years, weathering the highs and lows of consulting along with rapid change in the tech market place.


Alese Johnston Stroud has served as a Senior Systems Consultant and Project Manager at the Stroud Consulting Group for the past 18 years. Alese has proven expertise in conversion of financial systems, installation of upgrades, software development and testing, process design, and client / technical staff liaison and she is a Certified MOUS Master. Some of her clients include: Signature Bank, Black Diamond Information Technology, Citizen’s Bank, EGA Records Management, Citibank, American Express and Chase Manhattan Bank. Prior to her role at Stroud Consulting Group, Alese had a successful career at Systematics (Alltel / Fidelity) serving in a variety of roles. Alese’s responsibilities including coding, support and project leadership experience with these Systematics applications. In addition to her professional career, Alese has dedicated a great deal of time to the Central Arkansas community including: member of the Arkansas academy of Computing; Leadership Greater Little Rock Alumni Association Board of Directors; Advisory Board for the Arkansas Venture Center; Board of Directors at the Rotary Club 99; Founding member of the Women Startup Founders and as a coach and volunteer in Startup weekend, Gone in 60 and other student related events. Her past service activities include Board of Directors for the Arkansas Renewable Energy Association; Foundation Board of Directors for the Centers for Youth and Families; Graduate of the Leadership Greater Little Rock Class 21; Board of Directors at the Wildwood Park for the Arts; Programs Committee Volunteer for the ACANSA Arts Festival Foundation; Stakeholder in the Heartland Alliance for Regional Transmission and Board of Directors for the Allen School.

Recorded At:

Little Rock Tech Fest 2015

One Response to “Contracting for Techies 101: 10 Tips For Making It On Your Own”

  1. Doug Young says:

    Useful info, Alese. Thanks!

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