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Containers without Servers, the coolest thing in Azure


Andy Wahrenberger


Containers are one of the hottest topics. You can ship stuff in them! But then what?
Well, build a server or create a VM that can run your container. What?!? Oh yea, then pick an
orchestrator to care and feed your instances. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just run it? Come
find out how!
A Container is a fascinating technology that in essence virtualizes your application stack
instead of having to virtualize your entire Operation Systems. It’s one of the most interesting
application packaging technologies currently in use. What gets difficult is that after you have
your web site, web service, batch/cron/windows service all packaged up, you need some place
to run it. There are some great options such as Kubernetes, Docker, RedHat OpenShift, Pivotal
Cloud Foundry, Azure App Services, Azure Service Fabric, etc… All of those take some kind of
setup, and most require extensive knowledge to prepare and then deploy to.
Azure Container Instances (ACI), the PaaS hosting offering exclusively in Azure, allows
users to simply run a container. That means, no setting up servers, no settings up an
orchestrator, just ask Azure to run your Container. During this talk, we will do a simple overview
of Containers, talk about ACI, then demonstrate containerizing a Node JS web application, and
have it running in Azure thru a DevOps pipeline.


Andy is a Technical Leader with over 20 years of development and delivery experience
of high end systems, in a variety of industries such as Financial Services (Insurance, Banking, and
Risk Management), eCommerce, and Medical (EMR and Billing). A specialization in several of
those engagements was a focused on ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) with several
implementations of Continuous Delivery strategies. Andy’s versatility and breadth of knowledge
allows him to pivot from Software Architect, to Cloud/Infrastructure Architect, Development
Lead, or Senior Developer as needed. Currently has been focused on Microsoft based delivery
with particular focus to On and Off Premise Azure solutions at global scale.

Recorded At:

2019 Austin Global Azure Bootcamp

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