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Closing the Business/IT Gap


Todd Girvin


IT people and the businesses they serve have long suffered from a chasm of misunderstanding, mistrust, and a fundamental lack of ability to relate. Agile management methods give us tools to align IT projects with what our users say they want. But that brings dangers of building “nice to haves” instead of what’s really needed. So how do we have a meeting of the minds on what’s really important? And how do we share a vision for what’s technically possible? How do we make IT a business partner instead of a service bureau that’s scary to work with? In this talk we explore underlying issues that cause the IT/business divide, ways we can communicate better and work more closely, and paint a vision of a Business/IT partnership that can change ourselves, our companies, and the world for the better.


Todd Girvin co-founded Improving Enterprises in August, 2004 and now heads the company’s Microsoft Technology Practice. He is a long-time entrepreneur and consultant, architecting and building software systems, coaching and training scores of companies in agile methods and developer best practices. Mr. Girvin contributes to the technical direction of the company and to the developer community at large through public speaking and co-organizing AgileDotNet, and by consulting with customers regarding business, technology, and team solutions.

Conference Website:


Recorded By:

Todd Stone (http://www.toddastone.com/)

Recorded At:

Agile Dot Net (http://www.agiledotnet.com) hosted by Improving Enterprises (http://www.improvingenterprises.com/)

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