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An Introduction to Azure Cloud Storage


Casey Watson


Unless you’ve been developing under a rock for the last year, you’ve no doubt heard people talking about the “cloud.” But, what is the cloud and how can you take full advantage of it? Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform has made it incredibly simple for developers across a variety of platforms to build massively scalable, resilient solutions with minimal investment. In this session, Casey focuses specifically on Azure’s storage capabilities including storing large, unstructured blobs of data, working with databases, relational or otherwise, and using Azure’s powerful queueing mechanism. We will begin with a brief overview of the Azure platform, including general architecture and development environment setup. Next, we will take a deep dive into Azure’s storage capabilities and, finally, we will wrap up the session by creating a few simple applications that demonstrate how to leverage these capabilities. Join us and learn how you can take advantage of the cloud in order to simplify the way that you build scalable applications.


Casey Watson is a passionate software architect, active development community member, dedicated husband and proud father. Casey is currently CTO at Excolo Group, LLC, a Dallas-based consulting firm focused on helping organizations create real business value through the development of quality software solutions across a spectrum of platforms with a heavy emphasis on Agile practices. Over the last eight years, Casey has focused primarily on the .NET platform but, over the last few years, has also delved into native mobile development on the Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platforms. Casey is heavily involved in the local development community having spoken at several user groups and conferences across the South Central region of the United States including Agile.NET, Dallas Days of .NET and TechX20. When not learning about, speaking on, or building software, Casey can be found spending time with his family, updating his Twitter status (@_caseywatson), or enjoying an ice cold bottle of Blue Moon.

Recorded At:

North Dallas .NET UG

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