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Agile, Agile: Operational Execution and Excellence in an Insanely Unsettled and Dynamic Environment


Tim Costello


Look around, the business environment is changing. New technologies, platforms, languages, start-ups, global competition….. at times it can seem as if the foundation of our business world is built on quicksand. So how do we learn to survive and thrive in such a chaotic environment? Well, it all started in 1657! If your interest has peaked, join us as we reflect on our 460-year journey in measuring the rate of change and discuss how today’s environment not only demands Agile execution but Agile planning as well.


Tim Costello currently oversees the homebuilding industry’s digital transformation by running the industry owned entities of Builder Homesite Inc., BDX Inc., and New Home Technologies LLC. These entities provide a wide array of digital services to the entire homebuilding supply chain. Serving over 1,300 builder customers, which build over half of the homes in the U.S. and 250 manufacturing brands these entities have left a significant impact on the industry. From virtual & augmented reality, interactive kiosks, websites and mobile solutions to the nation’s premier destination to shop for new homes, the services encompass the entire spectrum of digital needs and touch millions of consumers each month. Prior to BHI, Mr. Costello worked for Applied Materials, the world’s largest semiconductor capital equipment supplier as Vice President, Global Operations where he led the industry’s Lean Manufacturing transition. Earlier in his career, he worked for General Motors Corporation in a variety of executive positions including Technology Planning, where he launched the first modern production electric car, Vehicle Engineering and Quality Management. In addition, Mr. Costello consults and speaks internationally on a wide variety of subjects including digital transformation, technology planning, online marketing, lean methodology and strategic planning. Mr. Costello has also served on various boards including, HelioVolt, Factory Logic, The Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing (considered the Nobel Prize for manufacturing), The Trust for Public Land of Texas; The Trust for Public Land National Marketing Council; The Texas Foundation for Innovative Communities and the Cornell University Engineering Advisory Council. Mr. Costello received his BSME from Cornell University in 1981. He was also inducted into the Shingo Prize Manufacturing Academy in 2003.

Recorded At:

Keep Austin Agile 2018

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