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Accelerate Your Productivity with VS 2010


Rob Vettor


As a developer, your productivity is “tightly coupled’ to your development environment and tools. Come learn how to leverage the new productivity features in Visual Studio 2010 to help accelerate your ability to deliver quality software quickly. In this session, we’ll … Enhanced refactoring functionality, including “Generate for Usage”, Enhanced search and editing capabilities, Improved Multi-Targeting support, New developer windows, Parallel processing, Breakpoint labeling, searching and filtering, Extended “data tips” with comments and notes, along with the ability to strategically pin these resources to maintain their visibility throughout your session, “Collaborative debugging“ across members, teams or partners, including the ability to export breakpoints and customized tool-tips for others to leverage your effort, without having to start over. You’ll walk-away with a clear understanding of how you can use Visual Studio 2010 to vastly increase your productivity and build better software.


Rob Vettor is a C# MVP, INETA Regional Speaker and Technical Lead for OZ Systems, a global provider of Educational Healthcare software. Rob has built systems for a number of corporations, including Avanade, Raytheon, American Express and Jack Henry and Associates. Rob lives in Dallas, TX, with his wife, twin sons and three dogs, and is the founder of Hands-On-Coding (http://www.hands-on-coding.net/), a user group in which attendees bring their laptops and learn .NET coding by doing. You can contact Rob at [email protected]

Recorded At:

Forth Worth .NET UG http://fwdnug.com/

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