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A Remote Possibility


Deanna Vickers


Making Remote Work, Work. 1. You’ve just started a remote job and want to know how to do it well. 2. You’re intrigued by the idea of working remote but feel intimidated by managing your time at home. 3. You’ve been doing it a long time and just need some motivation to get out of your pajamas occasionally. If any of these describe you, this session is going to help you make the most of working at home. You’ll learn how to reap the rewards of having autonomy in your day while also bringing a lot of value to your job. Get answers to some often asked questions about remote work: Where can I find a remote job? How do I keep from being bored? How can I make sure I’ll wake up and get to work in the morning? What do I do about house distractions (pets, kids, lawn or cleaning services)? What do I do when my internet goes down? Lastly, once you are working remotely, it’s helpful to have some methods for battling the loneliness of working on your own day to day. You’ll walk away armed with many ideas to help keep your day your own without being “on your own.”


I’m Deanna, an Entrepreneur and Product Owner from Nashville, Tennessee. What I enjoy most is working with others in the tech community to increase harmony among my peers. I am on boards and organizing teams for several tech events/organizations in Nashville including Music City Code, Nodevember and WomenGetIT. I also created an app idea called Doo Drop which is a mobile app geared to get people outside, be active and spend quality time with their dogs. I’m learning to code so I can work on Doo Drop and a few other app concepts of mine. I had a fear of public speaking so I started learning to sing and play guitar as a fun way to overcome my fear.

Recorded At:

Little Rock Tech Fest 2017

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